February 2020 Food Solutions Update


The Elliot Park Food Solutions team has been continually advocating, researching, and engaging in outreach efforts to bring fresh affordable food into the neighborhood. Since the new year they have been actively recruiting the Twin Cities Mobile Market (TCMM) to make a stop in the neighborhood. TCMM has shown significant interest in making the Elliot Park stop a reality and has been excitedly working alongside the team to determine the best location and solidify details. Neighborhood residents can expect more information on the Mobile Market in the coming months. 


The team has also been excited to continue collaboration efforts with many apartments in the area by hosting informational meetings at various properties, gaining support and hearing feedback. Since the Food Solutions Town Hall meeting last November the team has gained support from all over the Twin Cities, and even nationally. They have made connections from all over the US and are finding innovative ways to pursue a permanent solution for the community. They are excited to begin working closer with experts and interested parties to build a better understanding of potential opportunities and brainstorm creative solutions. Stay tuned for updates as they continue advocating for equitable food access!


We need all the help we can get to fresh, healthy, affordable food in Elliot Park. Learn more about our food solutions work here!