10/5/20 Community Safety Meeting

On October 5th, EPNI hosted a follow-up community safety meeting to discuss progress made on action identified at the September 17th meeting.  If you would like to be involved in this work, reach out to our office and we'll get you plugged in!  You can also view a recording of the meeting here.

10/05/20 EPNI Community Safety Meeting Notes

Hosts: Kim Forbes, EPNI President; Glen Johnson, EPNI Board Member & BLUH Chair; Vachel Hudson, EPNI Board Member & BLUH Vice-Chair

The meeting focused on: 1) overview of September meeting & follow-up on action items and 2) next steps.

Vachel presented an overview of concerns expressed last time.  He then asked the groups formed at the last meeting to update on progress.

Litter Clean-Up:

- Focused on Chicago Avenue between 14th & 17th

- Collected 6 large bags of garbage first time, less the second time

- Utilize Catholic Charities’ dumpster for disposal

- Will need to be an ongoing effort

- Trash cans on Chicago always full

- Lots of trash in Alex’s car lot and by Buri Manor

- Neighborhood wide clean-up scheduled for 10/10, 9-11 am, meet at Elliot Park Rec Center

Needle Collection Boxes:

- Pilot program in Franklin Steele

- Exploring whether this program ended

- Need a contact

Chicago Ave Concerns:

- Working on getting this going


Glen then lead the group in identifying next steps:

Chicago Ave Concerns:

- EPNI staff will schedule zoom meeting with Chicago Avenue Concerns group.

- Invite Council Members to the area to visit and see concerns

- Ask CMs to help get bus stop conversation going

- Encourage businesses to pick-up litter

Litter Clean-Up:

- Come to the 10/10 Litter Clean-Up event!

- Regular Litter Clean-Up group plans to continue to work together.

- Alexis and Lisa will follow-up on trash can emptying with Council Members.

- Explore adopt-a-trashcan.

- Consider NCU involvement in regular cleanups.

Needle Collection Boxes:

- Alexis, Glen, and Cassie will follow-up on pilot project and funding; talk with Council members


- Matt to learn more about graffiti removal programs

Addressing root causes:

- Interest in seeing a living document that highlights safe, effective, human practices for addressing root causes (conflict), problem behaviors (trespassing, drug dealing, vandalism, violence) and symptoms (litter, graffiti, used needles). EPNI office will explore.

- Interest in having conversation about how to address the root causes. Jon to email EPNI office to get conversation going.