2021 EPNI Board Elections

EPNI is governed by a 15-seat Board of Directors composed of residents and employees of the Elliot Park neighborhood.  The Board of Directors helps shape the future of the neighborhood by setting the vision for the organization and allocates financial resources toward that vision.   

Board Elections are held in May of each year.  This year, there are 5 seats open for election.  The term of these seats is 2021-2024. 

After reviewing the candidates, you can vote online or by mail: 


Vote by mail: Fill out the enclosed ballot and return to the EPNI office in the postage paid envelope. 

Please provide your name and address when voting – this will be used for ensuring one vote per household. 

Votes must be received online or at the EPNI office by Friday, May 28th.

Are you interested in joining the EPNI Board?  Know someone who would be great?  We welcome write-in candidates on the ballot!  We will also take nominations from the floor at the May 24th Annual Meeting.    


VOTER GUIDE • Meet the Candidates!

We asked 3 questions to all candidates seeking election, see their answers below!

1. What makes you a unique candidate?
2. What areas are you interested in working on?
3. What do you hope to accomplish?


Chris DeLaurentis 
Seeking Re-Election 
1. I do not know how unique I am, but I am passionate about creating healthier living solutions for Elliot Park and encouraging more business to support its residents. 
2. Building, Land Use & Housing | Events | Fundraising 
3. I hope to have encouraged fellow board members and residents to take greater ownership to our Elliot Park Community. 


Jerry Dustrud 
Seeking Re-Election 
1. Strong interest in housing management and residential support 
2. Community Safety 
3. Establish a sound process to ensure residential safety 


Trent Redmann 
Seeking Re-Election 
Employee, North Central University  
1. I have a long history with Elliot Park. My grandparents lived here in the 1930's. I lived on campus in the 1990's and work at NCU now. 
2. Building, Land Use, and Housing Fundraising  
3. Help make Elliot Park a better place to live. 


Janelle Sullivan 
Employee, Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Minneapolis 
1. I am the Property Manager for Catholic Charities’ Exodus Residence; once relocated to Elliot Park, this residence will provide safe, stable, permanent homes to 203 people who have previously experienced homelessness, veterans and those with complex medical needs. Serving on the EPNI Board of Directors is an opportunity to become a member of this community, foster open communication, and build trusting relationships.  
2. Building, Land Use, and Housing  
3. I hope to successfully serve as a convener between the people I serve and the neighborhood of Elliot Park—setting us all up for a long relationship built on mutual understanding and respect.