Updating the Elliot Park Community Vision


So much has changed in the Elliot Park Neighborhood since the Master Plan was developed in 2002.  Many of the surface lots have been developed or are currently being developed, the City passed Minneapolis 2040, and many new residents have moved in.

This summer, we are taking time to reconnect with the community to understand what the neighborhood assets and challenges are and to develop a concise vision for the future.  The updated community vision will be used as we work with developers in ensuring new development meets community needs.  We expect to see some of the same elements that were in our Master Plan but also know that new assets and challenges will arise.  

The first step in building the new vision is asking our community to share their thoughts with us via an interactive online survey.  The survey includes a map feature where you can note something you like, add a comment, and add ideas/suggestions to a specific area.  There's also a open ended survey on the left hand side of the screen.

Visit https://wsb.mysocialpinpoint.com/elliotpark#/ to take the survey.

Please share the survey with your neighbors, coworkers, and friends who live/work in the neighborhood!

Questions on this project?  Contact vanessa at elliotpark.org

Project Timeline:

- Spring/Summer = Survey collection

- Summer = Data analysis, Reporting back to community

- Late Summer = Draft community vision shared with community for feedback

- September = Final community vision released