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We wish everyone health & safety this Holiday Season!

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What’s on December's docket!

Monday, December 7th - Community Safety Committee: 6-9PM • via Zoom
Community Safety is a far-ranging topic, this meeting is intended to be a listening session for the new EPNI safety committee to collect input and help the committee identify and best prioritize future steps and actions that everyone can work on to address safety issues in our neighborhood.

Individuals joining us should be prepared to raise up to three issues of concerns in the first half.
second half of the open forum will be targeted on gathering your suggestions to address possible solutions to the concerns raised in the first half.  Please limit your time of speaking to 3 minutes, thank you in advance. Register in advance for this meeting today.

Monday, December 14th - Board of Directors Meeting: 6-7:30PM • via Zoom
The EPNI Board of Directors meetings monthly, on the 2nd Monday of the month, at 6 PM.  Guests are welcome to attend and observe.  If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] and request the Zoom meeting link.

Tuesday, December 15th - Early Mornings with Elliot Park Neighborhood: 7:30-8:30AM • via Zoom
December's early morning conversation will be focused an interfaith holiday traditions.  For those who attended our previous meeting, please fill out this Form to give us feedback. Register on Zoom for this meeting.

Thursday, December 17th - Building, Land Use, and Housing (BLUH) Meeting: 6-7:30PM • via Zoom
Join your neighbors in advocating for development that fits our community needs.  EPNI convenes the community at the Building, Land Use, and Housing (BLUH) meeting, where residents can review & give feedback on proposed changes to the neighborhood.  Agenda will be posted one week ahead of the meeting.


EPNI Needs Your Support!

This year has been challenging and like no other.  We take comfort in knowing we’re in this together and in knowing that the Elliot Park neighborhood is resilient.  This year, EPNI pivoted our work to respond to community need.  We joined the community in preparing for the George Floyd memorial, provided food to those in need, provided cloth masks to community members, and addressed safety concerns. 
We cannot do this work alone. 

Your generosity through financial contributions is the reason we are able to continue our important work in the community.  Your support, coupled with your neighbors’ support is what fuels our organization.  Please consider making a financial donation to EPNI today to support our work in responding to community need.

Please donate today at:


Let's talk about Community Safety on December 7th


The newly formed EPNI community safety committee will host a public zoom meeting on Monday December 7 beginning at 6:00 PM.  This forum is open to all Elliot Park residents, businesses, and property owners who are encouraged to share issues of concern they have regarding public safety matters in our community. 

Since “community safety” is a far-ranging topic, this first meeting is intended to be a listening session for the committee to collect input and help the committee identify and best prioritize future steps and actions that everyone can work on to address safety issues in our neighborhood.

Individuals joining us should be prepared to raise up to three issues of concern in the first half of the meeting by either speaking or by submitting them using the zoom “chat function” (which can allow beyond three issues).  If possible, please try to specify each concern that you raise and try to avoid any “generalized” issue.  Depending on turnout and participation, we respectfully ask that you limit your speaking time to three minutes initially to allow others their time accordingly.  Any immediate follow-up to your comments may allow up to two additional minutes.  Do not use this first half to offer any solutions!

The second half of the open forum will be focused on gathering your suggestions to address possible solutions to the concerns raised in the first half.  Time limits for speaking during the second half will be comparable to the first half.

Registration for this meeting is required in advance at  This meeting is scheduled to last up to three hours if necessary.

Early Mornings with Elliot Park Neighborhood is back December 15th!

Early Mornings

Find us on Zoom, Tuesday December 15th from 7:30– 8:30AM

Brew up you favorite hot beverage and join us bright and early for a conversation our Elliot Park Community!

December's early morning conversation will be focused on interfaith holiday traditions. For those who attended our previous meeting, please fill out this Form to give us feedback. Register on Zoom for this meeting.

Learn more and register at

EPNI is partnering with House of Charity this Winter


EPNI has been supporting a group of residents in addressing food insecurity in our neighborhood. This summer, the EPNI Food Solutions Team hosted four pop-up food markets in partnership with The Food Group. Our last market, on October 1st, served over 140 households.

As we transition to winter and the need for food persists, EPNI is partnering with House of Charity to distribute food boxes to 150 households in the Elliot Park neighborhood through December 2020. Looking toward 2021, we will be working with House of Charity to figure out how we can continue the program. If you would like to support this work, please consider making a donation to EPNI and/or signing up to volunteer to pack the food boxes (Monday day shifts).

If you'd like to volunteer, receive updates from our team, or make a donation, please signup here!

Learn more at

The season is the reason!
Please consider donating on December 8th to those in need.

The EPNI Board of Directors is hosting a supply drive for Our Village Reunion.  Please drop off donation items at the EPNI Office on Tuesday, December 8th: 9:30-11:00 am or Wednesday December 9th from 4-5:30 pm. 

The EPNI office is located within First Covenant Church, 810 S 7th Street.  When you arrive, call the EPNI office from the call box or on your phone (612-335-5846) and we'll meet you at the door.

Please donate any of the following items:

• Diapers (sizes 4,5,6) & Pull ups (2T, 3T, 4T) 
• Baby Wipes

• Laundry Detergent
• Bar Soap, Hand Soap & Dish Soap
• Paper Towels & Toilet Paper

• Maxi Pads
• Shampoo
• Cooking Oil

FREE COVID-19 tests and flu shots, let's all do our part to help stop the spread.
All are welcome.

Home testing
Minnesota and Vault Medical Services have teamed up to offer at-home saliva testing for everyone at no cost. Go to Vault: No-Cost COVID Testing For All Minnesotans to order a test.

The City of Minneapolis is offering free COVID-19 tests and flu shots. Testing is encouraged and available to everyone, whether or not they have symptoms. Testing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help prevent exposing your loved ones to the virus. 

HCMC Downtown Viral Screening Clinic | 900 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415

Weekday hours: 8 am – 4:30 pm
Weekend hours: Closed

Adult and pediatric patients will be seen in order of arrival (by adult and pediatric teams respectively) until we reach capacity. Generally, we can see pediatric patients and anyone who has already completed an e-visit or has a COVID order placed until closing time. If you do not already have a COVID order and are ill and need to see a doctor, you will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis until the clinic has reached capacity for the day. The time in the map below reflects current wait times and access to the Viral Screening Clinic based on the most recent demand and can change quickly.

Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S, Exhibit Room E | Entrance on west side of building located off 1st Ave. Find FREE curbside parking on 1st Avenue South

Weekday hours: 9 am – 7 pm
Weekend hours: 10 am – 4 pm
Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are welcome: Make an appointment here

Please note: 
1. Do NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum 30 minutes prior to testing
2. Bring Smartphone (if you don't have a Smartphone, one will be provided)
3. If you have health insurance, please bring your insurance card with you.

Find information and instructions from the State the full current list of free COVID-19 tests and flu shots


Minnesota’s COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program has opened to cover housing expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities or other housing-related costs.

People in Minnesota interested in applying for assistance can call the Greater Twin Cities United Way’s 211 Resource Helpline at 651-291-0211, visit or texting “MNRENT” or “MNHOME” to 898-211. The 211 Helpline has dedicated multilingual staff to answer questions about the COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.
For questions regarding the application process, review COVID-19 Housing Assistance Program frequently asked questions.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program

As the weather is getting colder, we are again reaching out to community leaders and networks to share information about the federally funded Energy Assistance Program (EAP), which helps lower-income Minnesotans keep warm during the winter months by helping them pay their energy and heating bills. The Energy Assistance Program can help by providing financial assistance:

  • To pay past due energy bills to avoid disconnection
  • To purchase fuel for delivery in emergencies
  • To repair or replace homeowners old or malfunctioning furnaces.

The application period is currently open and we are asking offices and organizations such as yours to share this information with the communities you serve.

Additionally, here are links to flyers: English, Spanish, Somali and Hmong

You can find more information at the Minnesota Department of Commerce website.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

With the approach of winter now upon us, EPNI offers the following reminders and suggestions with our neighborhood for everyone’s benefit.  Thank you in advance for your adherence and consideration with these community safety tips!

Snow Removal Reminders

  • Please clear your sidewalks and walkways within 24 hours after a snowfall occurs. This includes sidewalks that front any parking lot or vacant lots. This is a civic courtesy that benefits everyone, especially those with mobility issues and for children in strollers trying to navigate the sidewalk!
  • Try to clear berms of snow created by street snowplows at crosswalk intersections to create a path for pedestrians to cross (though not mandated, it is highly recommended).
  • Apply any salt sparingly, and only after shoveling snow.  You may obtain FREE sand/salt mix to use as a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. Located at 27th Street and Longfellow Avenue, just outside the city public works complex gate (open ended dumpster). This is a  24-hour self-service, you must provide your own bucket(s) and shovel.
  • Make sure your trash bins are shoveled out for haulers prior to your pick-up day also.

Vehicle Safety

  • Brush off accumulated snow and scrape ice off ALL windows before driving.
  • Remove snow from hood and roof.  Allowing it to fly off while driving is a hazard!
  • Be aware of your surroundings when clearing snow and ice off your vehicle. Auto thefts and car jackings have increased across the city
  • NEVER leave your car unattended if you start your vehicle to warm up.
  • Stay aware of snow emergency declarations.
  • Subscribe to city snow emergency alerts by text, phone, email.
  • Visit   
  • Failure to move your vehicle during a snow emergency will result in a hefty fine plus towing charge (and a visit to the city impound lot to retrieve your car).

Other Recommendations:

  • Keep a snow brush and ice scraper in your car.
  • Maintain sufficient washer fluid for your windshield, you'll want a washer fluid that won't freeze.
  • Always be mindful of road conditions during bad weather and drive appropriately.
  • Address any critical needs for your vehicle to prevent breakdowns or winter accidents.
  • Always keep your vehicle locked with no valuables in sight when parked (in any season).

Pedestrian Safety

  • Always stay aware of your surroundings when walking (regardless of the season)!
  • Criminal assaults and thefts have occurred across the city.
  • Keep your head up, using your cell phone while walking can make you a target.
  • Be mindful of slippery spots on sidewalks, walkways, and steps
  • Be especially alert when crossing intersections and assist others there if needed.
  • Call 3-1-1 and report any sidewalks that habitually fail to clear snow and ice.

Send feedback on proposed 2021 City budget at upcoming online public hearings

Mark your calendars this month, join two online public hearings for people to share thoughts on Mayor Jacob Frey’s recommended 2021 City Budget. Learn how to participate in online public hearings - the two hearing times are listed below.

  • 6:05 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2
  • 6:05 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9

You can also submit comments online at the City’s website. Comments submitted online will be entered into the public record and shared with the mayor and council members.

The City Council is scheduled to vote on adopting the budget on Wednesday, Dec. 9.Mayor Jacob Frey’s proposed $1.5 billion budget calls for a 5.75% maximum levy increase. With a 12% increase in the overall tax base growth, three-quarters of Minneapolis residential property owners will see a decrease in their property tax bills with the median-valued household set to experience a $59 yearly decrease.

Visit the City’s website to learn more about the mayor’s recommended budget, key dates in the approval process, FAQs and more. You can also watch a series of videos on the City’s budget process.



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