Elliot Park Neighborhood Receives Grant to Research Food Access Barriers and Solutions

HW Grant Announcement

Near the end of summer, a group of local renters convened to discus and prioritize neighborhood issues. They unanimously identified access to food as their top issue.  Over the following months, discussion ensued, and solutions were brainstormed.  We applied for the Community Innovation Grant from Headwaters Foundation for Justice – knowing that with increased resources, we could put some real work into finding a solution.  We are happy to announce that this month EPNI was awarded the grant!  Working under a group of dedicated volunteer residents, EPNI will support and guide this team of volunteers to spend the next 12 months researching food access barriers and then researching and proposing promising solutions. Once this 12 month phase is over, then we can start the process of implementation.  

We need the support of the community to get this done!  If you are interested in participating at any level, then please contact [email protected]