Green Living in Elliot Park

Bringing Green Living and Community to Elliot Park Buildings

There is no action too small to save the world for our children. I am using my business to try to turn down the heat we are causing that will be the end of the world if we are not careful. Science does not care if you believe in Global warming or not. It is coming if we do not change. We look at ways to reduce our foot print in 6 areas: Housing energy use, Water use, transportation, food production, landscaping, and waste. I have added 80,000 watts of solar to the rooftops of my properties in Elliot park in just a few years. I have zero energy bills 6 months out of the year on 13 properties that I own. I will keep going until it's 12 months a year and will just be paying grid connection fees. At 615 East 16th Street, to get out of paying for a new boiler, Steve Frenz, the previous owner, just billed the tenants for the 1918 boiler. We added heat reflective coatings to the south, east and west windows, 26 heat ultra-high efficiency heat pump units for A/C and heat to replace the old boiler, with infrared space heaters for back up.

All of our properties offer onsite composting to reduce waste, free local Eco soaps from Restore Naturals from NE Minneapolis, on 19th Ave NE, and we create garden spaces and bee gardens. We have no gas equipment whatsoever with a Polaris Ranger 4 x 4 plow vehicle that does our parking lots and Ego electric yard equipment. The Polaris also doubles as a small bobcat in the summer with some farming implements attached for our community gardens. We install high efficiency heat pump dryers and get rid of venting. The dryers heat the building in the winter and we vent it out the open windows in the summer. It also reduces energy use by the other heating sources and offsets what would have gone out the window. We took a dilapidated parking lot and made it into a beautiful fenced garbage surround and garden and a loading zone for tenants, complete with electric vehicle charging station. We will also be adding a fleet of electric vehicles that will stay at each location and will be available to tenants to rent by the hour if their vehicle is down or they want to just make a short trip to the store occasionally.

I am just getting warmed up. We have 5 lots which are being used for community gardens currently and will be sites for ultra-high efficiency rentals in the near future. We are Green! and we Rock! We are Green Rock Apartments. 



There are lots of ways to green-up your property.  If you are interested in solar energy, You can get help from the City of Minneapolis Green Cost Share Program.  Current federal tax credits covering 30 percent of the cost of a solar project are at their peak this year and decrease each year after that until expiring at the end of 2021. Xcel Energy also offers incentives, which expire in 2021.   These cool solar suitability maps can show you ideal spots for solar panels.