Keeping Elliot Park Clean

How does litter get picked up off of our streets?  Well, there is street sweeping done by the city. That happens twice a year.  As for trash missed by the street sweepers? Well, a lot of buildings have maintenance people that will clean up the streets and sidewalks outside their buildings.  Then there is the rain and snow melt! Which carries a lot of trash into our local waterways (and is really bad for the health of our waterways). In most cases, that’s it.  Some trash may build up for years and years. But for Elliot Park Neighborhood, we have our Spring and Fall Cleanup events! Twice a year folks in the neighborhood get together at Elliot Park, organize into groups, and pick up litter around the neighborhood.  In 2019 we had over 60 volunteers at each cleanup!

Our fall cleanup event was planned and carried out by a small group of volunteers.  This included event promotion, logistics, planning, coffee and lunch for 60+ people, and a lot more.  These folks met weekly for more than a month to make the fall cleanup happen! So special thanks to Angie, Rick, Karen, Ramla, Kim, and Abbey.  Also, thank you to all the folks from MN Teen Challenge who showed up in force! Over the past year, at our 2 cleanup events, we cleaned up over 50 large, garbage-bags of litter per event!  

(Our fall cleanup was sponsored by Litter Be Gone and Elliot Park Hotel – so thank you to them as well for helping us to feed and provide raffle prizes to our volunteers!)