November BLUH Meeting Update

This month's meeting featured multiple conversations about key developments and projects in our neighborhood, as well as the appointment of our new BLUH Chair and Vice Chair! If you have any questions or comments, please contact the EPNI office.

[email protected]: Downtown to Crosstown Engagement Update 

Amy Arcand of Willow Consulting, presented an update on the project and asked for ideas on partnering with Elliot Park in 2020. Important questions were asked in regards to future road closures and how MnDOT would maintain community engagement through the 2 year project. To sign up for updates, and see traffic impacts, you can view more about the project on the MnDOT website.  Amy noted that anyone can send questions or concerns to [email protected] and they will receive a response. 

Madison School Apartments & Townhomes Renovation Update 

Todd Travis of the National Foundation for Affordable Housing Solutions, provided an update on the renovation of Madison School Apartments & Townhomes, including an updated timeline of the project. Pre-construction begins next month and would continue through February 2020, where renovation on the schoolhouse would begin. From spring 2020 until the end of the summer, the foundations of the townhomes will be replaced to last for another 30 years. New kitchens, appliances, flooring, bathrooms, will be installed. In addition, landscaping, perimeter fencing, a new parking lot, and increased security features will be added. With these updates, the goal is to have the schoolhouse and refurbished to look as close to original look as possible and the townhomes to look new.

1010 Park Ave S

Vanessa Haight of EPNI shared the consideration of nominating former Enger Funeral Building for Historical Resource designation.   

1010 Park Avenue (aka 640 Grant Street, Enger Funeral Home) was identified as a potential historic resource in the 2008 reconnaissance-level survey of the Loring Park and Elliot Park neighborhoods.  The building was designed by Martin Lindquist, the architect for nearby potential historic resources like 2615 Park Avenue South, and built by the Field Martin Company, who designed properties in Minneapolis historic districts like St Andrew’s Hospital at 708 5th ST SE/414 7th Ave SE in the 5th ST SE Historic District.  Demolition would require an approved Demolition of a Historic Resource application from the City’s Heritage Preservation Commission. 

There was much discussion on what led up to the consideration of the building as a historical designation - it was established that more communication is needed.  EPNI recommended the owners of the building continue to communicate with city staff and council member and return to BLUH if changes to the property are proposed.

Nomination of BLUH Chair & Vice Chair

Long-time BLUH Chair, Jerry Dustrud, is stepping down from his leadership role.  The BLUH Committee nominated Glen Johnson as BLUH Chair and Vachel Hudson as Vice-Chair.  Thank you Jerry, for your tremendous leadership over the years!


We hope to see you at our next BLUH meeting on December 19th, 6:00 PM at the Elliot Park Rec Center!