Skate Park and Lighting Designs Nearly Finalized

Skate park and lighting designs are finished!  Although it is quite ambitious, MPRB and City of Skate hope to break ground this year after the XGames.  There will still be some minor refinements around landscaping, sidewalks, and seating.  

The improved skate park will be one of the best free skate parks in the twin cities metro area.  We expect to see the park bustling as skaters come from all over the twin cities.

The athletic field lighting will allow for games to be played even after our early sundowns in autumn.  Overall, this will open up more hours for the field to be be used both casually and for official rentals.  The Elliot Park athletics field remains the only regulation-sized field in Minneapolis that is open to the public for free.  

Special thanks to MBRB, City of Skate, Marlys Anderson, and other community members who helped to make this happen.  

See our previous blog post to learn more about the history of this community accomplishment.