Join the EPNI Board of Directors!

EPNI is governed by a 15-seat Board of Directors composed of residents and employees of the Elliot Park neighborhood. The Board helps shape the future of the neighborhood by setting the vision for the organization and allocating financial resources toward that vision.

Due to COVID-19, EPNI postponed our annual meeting to September 14th. This year, there are 7 seats open for election – (5) of the seats have a term of 2020-2023 and (2) of the seats have a term of 2020-20 (filling a vacancy).  To enhance accessibility, EPNI is mailing a voter guide to residents and offering an extended online and mailed voting period. 

If you are interested in the EPNI Board of Directors, please review the information available at, consider attending a board information session (August 7 or August 12), and submit your application by August 17th.