Building Community Since 1976

Minneapolis Body Breakers Breakdancers at 1984 Block Party


As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, Elliot Park offers downtown living with an abundance of amazing historical architecture. Elliot Park is home to many well-known institutions and organizations, including Hennepin County Medical Center, Augustana, North Central University, Catholic Charities, Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge, House of Charity, Kraus-Anderson, and more.

Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc. (EPNI) was established in 1976 with a primary focus of reinvesting in the community through renovation of existing housing and investment in new housing. The focus of the organization has shifted over the years and current mission is to build community vitality by connecting & empowering neighbors

Our current work focuses on: 1) land use and transportation, 2) food access, and 3) tenant rights. We invite you to join us in this work - contact us today to find out more!

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Abdulraham Wako, Executive Director

Glen Johnson, Interim Administrator


Board of Directors

Kim Forbes, President, MN Adult Teen Challenge (2022-2025)

Rebecca Thomas, Vice President, Resident (2020-2023)

Jordan Robertson, Secretary, NCU (2021-2024)

Chris DeLaurentis, Treasurer, Resident (2021-2024)

Patty Smith, AEON (2022-2025)

Jane Lieberman, Hennepin Healthcare (2022-2025)

Millie Schafer, Resident (2022-2025)

Toya Lopez, Resident (2022-2025)

Lutunji Abram, Lutunji's Palate (2022-2025)