Land Use & Transportation

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The Land Use & Transportation ("LUT") Committee (previously known as the Building, Land Use & Housing, or "BLUH" Committee), now meets jointly with the Neighborhood Vitality Committee on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30-8:00PM, at the Elliot Park Rec Center, at 1000 E. 14th Street.

As the LUT Committee is getting reestablished, its monthly meeting schedule will alternate between bimonthly public meetings and internal committee meetings. Please check the Calendar to confirm the meeting times & locations.

The LUT committee oversees the quality of Elliot Park’s physical infrastructure. Land use, property disposition, housing and development as well as transportation and pedestrian safety issues are regular agenda items at LUT committee meetings. Zoning variances and conditional use permits required by the city for property developments are considered and voted on by LUT. LUT also provides visions for the future of Elliot Park through various task forces that focus on planning, public improvements, urban design guidelines and property development.

Passed motions from the LUT committee are forwarded to the EPNI Board of Directors for consideration. The Land Use Committee is currently led by the Committee Co-Chairs, Resident Board Members Glen Johnson and Millie Schafer.

Make your voice heard by getting involved with the reestablished Land Use & Transportation Committee. Interested in joining Land Use & Transportation committee leadership, have questions or want to learn more? Contact us at [email protected] or call or text us at (612) 234-2280.

Past LUT Meeting Minutes & Agendas (2023); (2024)


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