2021 Bylaws Revision

Notice of a Special Meeting of the Membership

This information is important. If you need help understanding the information, call 612-335-5846. If you need these documents in a language other than English, tell the representative and we will arrange for an interpreter and/or document translation.

Ogeysiiska kulan gaar ah ee xubinnimada

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Purpose of the meeting: Membership vote on revised EPNI Bylaws.

Due to changes in City of Minneapolis funding for neighborhood organizations, Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc. (EPNI), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is required to revise the bylaws to reflect new requirements. The proposed bylaws were primarily drafted by Birken Law, a law firm specializing in non-profit law, and edited by EPNI staff and board. This update also makes sure the neighborhood is current with all state and federal nonprofit regulations and nonprofit sector best practices.  The current bylaws, proposed bylaws, and executive summary of changes can be found below. Printed materials can be requested by contacting the EPNI office.

How to Vote: EPNI will be accepting votes in-person on Monday, November 8th between the hours of 5-7pm at the Elliot Park Recreation Center (1000 E 14th St). Voting will be allowed during the specified time only. 

Eligible Voters: Any individual who is at least 18 years of age and who lives, works, or owns property within the Elliot Park neighborhood.

Questions? Contact EPNI at 612-335-5846 or [email protected].


Current Bylaws (approved 2017)

Proposed Bylaws (drafted 2021):


[download as PDF]

Membership Eligibility (p. 2): Membership by non-residents is limited to owners or business lessee of real property in the neighborhood and/or a designated representative of a nonprofit, educational organization, religious organization, or governmental organization in the neighborhood.

Annual Member Meeting (p. 3): Removed specific month to allow for flexibility and avoidance of religious holidays.

Member Participation by Remote Communication: New

Member Meeting Quorum (p. 4): Added membership quorum (25 members)

Board Number (p. 6): Added minimum number of Board Members (12)

Board Service Eligibility (p. 6): Revised number of seats that may be filled by owner or business lessees, or designated representative of a nonprofit, educational organization, religious organization, or governmental organization to 6. 

Board Terms (p. 6): Increased number of years one must take off after serving 6 consecutive years to two years (city requirement).

Open Meetings (p. 8): Due to funding from the City of Minneapolis, EPNI is required to hold Open Meetings.

Board Meetings by Remote Participation (p. 9): New

Board Officer Terms (p. 10): Treasurer is now limited to serving a maximum of 3 consecutive years.

Committees & Task Forces (p. 11): Adds more details and complements an existing EPNI Committee & Task Force policy. 

Executive Officers, Employees, & Independent Contractors + Management Provisions (p. 12+): Much of this is new and offers clarification regarding organizational management.