Catholic Charities Acquisition

Catholic Charities recently announced the acquisition of Augustana Health Care Center facility (1007 E 14th St) to provide homes and respite care to 200 people as well as a storefront Healthcare for the Homeless clinic.

To learn more about the project, see the 12/9/19 Star Tribune Article and Press Release.

Star Tribune Article

Press Release


UPDATES (as of 7/31/20):

- Catholic Charities planning to attend 8/20/20 Building, Land Use, and Housing meeting to provide an update to the community.

- Cassia, Catholic Charities, and Healthcare for the Homeless joined us at the January 16th Building, Land Use, and Housing (BLUH) meeting.  See notes from that conversation here.

- EPNI is collecting community feedback on this proposal - please take the community survey here

- Come to the January 16th BLUH meeting to hear more about the proposal and ask questions of Cassia & Catholic Charities. EPNI will be flyering the neighborhood but please help us spread the word by sharing this website, our social media posts, and talking with your neighbors.

- EPNI encourages community members to contact Council Member Warsame, Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley, and Catholic Charities with your comments and feedback.

- EPNI leadership met with Cassia & Catholic Charities in December 2019 and asked for written answers to a list of questions.  See answers to the questions here.

- EPNI talked with both Council Member Warsame's office and Hennepin County Commissioner Angela Conley - both support this project.

- EPNI and neighbors attended the December 12th Hennepin County Board of Commissioners Meeting where funding for this project was approved unanimously with no community comment.  

- EPNI sent a letter to Cassia, Catholic Charities, Council Member Warsame, and Hennepin County Commissioner on 12/10/19. Read the Letter Here