Join the EPNI Board! Applications Due Sept. 13th

The Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc. (EPNI) is a nonprofit neighborhood organization in the southeast corner of downtown Minneapolis. EPNI focuses on addressing community issues, improving safety, and influencing development. 

The EPNI Board of Directors sets priorities and the budget for the organization, while the Executive Director and staff implement programs. The Board is made up of residents (up to 10) and community organization Directors (up to 6) with a total membership of up to 15 Directors. Terms are 3 years long, elected at the September meeting. Vacant seats may also be filled by interested applicants. 

Meetings are held the third Monday of the month, 6-7:30pm in a hybrid setting: conference room at North Central University and on Zoom. These meetings follow Robert’s Rules of Order with motions and votes to approve policies. The aim of the Board is to make meetings accessible to all and explain all procedures for guests or new members. 

The work of the Board often occurs through committees. As of August 2023, the committees are Land Use & Transportation, Neighborhood Vitality, and Executive. The schedule for these meetings will be confirmed after the election of new Directors, but will usually meet monthly. Directors are asked to be part of at least one committee. 

Apply by September 13th!

The EPNI Board currently has 4 seats up for the 2023-2026 term. We also have up 4 vacant seats with a year remaining in the term (2021-2024). We're looking for people invested in the Elliot Park neighborhood to bring vibrancy and passion to our work. You'd be supporting our new executive director and shaping our vision and policy for the neighborhood.

We're especially seeking residents of the neighborhood, but you are also eligible if you represent a business or organization based in Elliot Park.

To apply, fill out this quick application form. We're also glad to answer any questions you may have! Just reach out to [email protected] and we'll connect you to the right person.